Our company is changing the way men shop for jewelry. No more wasting time, paying retail markup, buying low quality pieces, or having a stagnant jewelry collection.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY. We believe there is no better way to express your confidence than through your accessories. Jewelry emboldens. Jewelry empowers. Jewelry inspires.

How we do it

We strive to deliver unbelievable value to our subscribers in every box they receive. By eliminating the middleman, cutting out retail markup, and having great partnerships with our jewelry manufacturers, for only $29 we are able to deliver high-quality, precious metal plated pieces that normally retail between $60-$200.

We push the envelope.
We do our best.
We are people centric.

Everyday we strive to push the boundaries of the men's jewelry industry, ourselves as individuals, and our company as a whole. We commit to doing our best work and being our best selves. We learn from our mistakes and we face any challenge. We prioritize the needs of our employees and the needs of our customers because we know they are at the heart of what we do.